Bassmaster Elite Series and multiple Toyota Texas Bass Classic champion Keith Combs is offering 10 classes cover how to use marine electronics to catch more and bigger bass this year.

Elite Series pro Keith Combs has developed a new series of classes to help fisherman become better at interpreting and utilizing their electronics. Each class is based around a Power Point presentation utilizing actual screen and mapping shots taken from Combs’ boat.

All classes will be taught in a conference room environment, and will cover 4 hours of material plus a 1-hour catered Q & A lunch.

They are currently offering 10 classes covering 4 different topics:

  • Locating spring bass
  • Locating summer bass
  • Locating fall bass
  • Locating winter bass 

They will look at breaking down 3 completely different types of fisheries by season with the use of down imaging, side imaging, conventional sonar, mapping, 360 imaging, and Auto Chart Live.

The first classes are scheduled for Feb. 6-7, 2016 at the Courtyard Marriott in Lufkin, Texas. To learn more, visit